The Creative Process

Some projects take longer than others.

I'm learning not to get frustrated while crafting. It's sometimes a daily struggle to remind myself to CHILL OUT. Crafting is supposed to be FUN, NOT stressful, so it's better to walk away for a bit!

I thought I'd take the time to share the steps I take in completing my projects! Here we go.

Step 1: I envision color scheme and styles of the project I am going to work on.

For a scrapbook page, I envision what I would like to hightlight/what design would look well with the photos, theme, or memorabilia.

It's the same process for a banner or anything else: I envision colors and designs I want to use.

Step 2: I lay it all out first in the order I envisioned it and if I don't love it, I fiddle around with the setup, by subtracting and adding things. This can take little as 15 minutes or longer if I'm swapping items out to make everything flow.