There was a time where I was not a fan of stamping. It was a little frustrating. I had a stack of stamps and ink pads years ago and I gave them away. It wasn't a smart decision. Now, I'm in love with stamping and I'm trying to get a collection going again! Maybe it's because I'm older and I have a bit more patience??

As a birthday gift this year, a friend gave me a few mulicolor ink pads (one is shown below) with a set of 6 stamps. Last night, I began making a few greeting cards and decided to test them out. Below is also a picture of the inside of one card. After stamping, I popped a small light pink gem in the center!

It flows, it works, I love it.

I'm very happy with these ink pads and I approve! I can't wait to test them with other stamps I have in my stash. =)

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