Drying of Flowers

For Connecticut Residents ONLY


This is a very detailed and delicate process, but well worth the wait when it's complete!


As stated in the services section: The fresher the flowers, the better the outcome. Ideally, it is best for me to receive bouquets within 1-3 days after an event for greatest drying results. 


​Once your showcase is delivered to you, if possible, it's best to not keep it in direct sunlight as your dried flowers will fade a little over time.


You choose how your bouquet is dried - whole bouquet or handpicked stems/petals for a smaller custom keepsake.

Matron of Honor's Bouquet

Handpicked flowers were framed along with the ribbon and pearled bouquet pins.

Bride's Bouquet & Groom's Boutonniere

The brides bouquet and grooms boutonniere were dried and showcased in this lantern with a battery operated light attached to the inside of the lid.

Gorgeous Lantern

This bridal bouquet was kept in its entirety, along with the pins and placed in this large lantern.